Heyo! My name is Rigel, and I'm a blue noodle derg from Houston, Texas. I like photography, games, computer building, and cars.
I'm an amateur photographer working on my photography skills, trying to get a degree in Digital Media. Currently, I separated my main portfolio from this one, but I hope that one day I can merge them into one. All the work that you see on here is all completed!
Ever since I picked up a camera back in 2016, I fell in love with taking pictures and have been doing so since. I love taking pictures of moments I can look back at and recall the memories that photographs have frozen.
If you would like to tip me for what I do, you can do so here, and it is gladly appreciated! 
If you would like to reach out to me for business inquiries, my telegram is @Gamentro
The rest of my social media platforms are linked at the bottom of the page if you're interested in checking out other social media accounts I have!
My suit is made by Sleepi, who is a fantastic artist and suit maker!
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